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The Storms of Dusk

Hierarchy of The Storms

The Jester of Malice ( GC )- Jester of Malice is not only the title of Orus Cedric McKite, but the rank he hath given himself from seeing all the darkness in this realm and being amused by it. The JoM is equivalent to the rank of Guild Commander, that many guilds seem to be calling their leaders. Orus has kept his title as his rank in The Storms because he felt it had a certain.. charm to it.

The Enraged Angel/Rage of Malice ( SiC ) - These names were handpicked by Orus to reflect upon his dear sister's personailty. If you have ever met Callisto, and lived to talk about it, you would know how she is. Her rage come's from her long and grueling past on this road of life. She is both beautiful and deadly, smiling sweetly and maliciously all in one look. She was chosen for SiC for many reasons, she is trustworthy and thinks of the guild before many of her actions.. But her actions can be for the many or for herself.

The Ornamental Soul - The Ornamental Soul, Nomotabe N'Alisa is the adopted mother of Orus, and one of his true allies in battle. She gives him much of her ideas on how to better The Storms.. She is also District Commander of the Crimson Lotus, which are Healers and Priests of Dusk.

Number Zer0 - Number Zero is the Main Intelligence Officer of The Storms. He gathers information on many guilds in this Realm, keeping anyone The Storms may have their eyes on in check at all times. He may be gathering information on you as you read this...

The Angel of Malice - Evan Samuel McKite is not only the District Commander of The Knights of Dusk, but also our ambassador to many of our Allies. He.. "Keeps the peace", with his charm and wit he is clever in an arguement, and calm in a treaty talk. He is what some would call a "lawyer", but he would rather die than be called such.

The Shadow of Malice - Serves as an Executive Officer in TSoD's Blood Lust Soldiers. He is quick with a blade, and is the one calculatin xps on a weekly basis. Without him, Orus would truly be even more behind in his work than he is now.

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