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Divisions of The Storms


The HORDE is one of the two Main Divisions of The Storms of Dusk, although they are as brutal as The NightStalker Division, The HORDE can be barbarious and chivalrous all at once. The HORDE Consists of the following Sub-Divisions...

The Knights of Dusk - Many of us know that Knights represented Chivalry and Justice in Medieval Times, they are some whom still believe in this code of loyalty. They would be the Typical simulacrum of everything Medieval Knights represented, but they have their own darker twist on chivalry. This Division is commanded by Evan Samuel McKite, a.k.a. The Angel of Malice

The Dark Magicians - The Dark Magicians are the practitioners of the Dark Arts. One gesture of their hand could steal a soul or take a victim into hell. Their eyes glow of Hell and their powers wreak havoc in this Realm. Are you one of these creatures..? The Dark Magicians are Commanded by Theseus Cloudstrike ( MchneSpidr ).

The Crimson Magicians - Are those that Practice both arts of Dark and Light. An odd thing to find in a Dark Guild, but these Magician's have their special talents which is why Orus Cedric McKite had wanted them. Beware their kindness could turn to hatred after each blink of an eye. The Crimson Magicians are led by Manurahi. ( Manurahi )

The Crimson Lotus - Consists of both Healers and Priests, of the Dark Variety. These are the creatures that heal our wounded and raise our dead. This congregation is one of the few of it's kind in RhyDin. Do you think you could do this..? The Crimson Lotus is commanded by Nomotabe N'Alisa, The Ornamental Soul. ( Nomotabe )

The NightStalkers

The NightStalkers are those that use the cover of Darkness to Slay their opponents. They are the true Hellspawn of RhyDin using whatever mean nessacary to kill, pillage and annihilate. These Division has no moral code and kills whenever nessacary and enjoyable...

BloodLust Soldiers - The Division of Sinners, Killers, and insanity all in one twistedly beautiful unit. Most of the true killers of RhyDin you can find in this unit.. Does this sound familiar to you..? The BloodLust Soldiers are commanded by Pherix Strike Treston. ( PhadingLye )

The Midnight Guard - These are those that protect their own. They may enjoy to kill, but they enjoy keeping their own alive. Like a mother for her children, The Midnight Guard protects many of The Storms, along with eachother. The Midnight Guard is led by The Rose of Malice, Belladonna Swiftblade. ( ShadwGdess ).

The Fallen Angels - The Fallen Angels are those that kill for fun, sport and play. They could also be called Assassins, if that was your wish. You give them a contract and they take care of it.. Always. Call them loyal, or call them backstabbing, they get their jobs done, and always. The Fallen Angels are led by Callisto, a.k.a. The Rage of Malice. ( Callisto97 )

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