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The Rage of Malice

Name: Callisto
Age: 3,000 years +
Race: Immortal (human)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes : expressive, beguiling brown ones
Hair: sunshine gold
Alignment: Mostly nuetral but with a touch of chaotic evil when the moment calls for it
Family: Her birth family is long dead, but she has found her place at her brother Orus' side in both the Basilisk Clan and An Falachd Campa
Attire: Callisto enjoys using her beauty as a weapon. Her black leather armor splits into two silver-studded pieces; the top and the short, scaled leather skirt that allows full mobility for kicking her enemies in the jaw. She also wears matching bracers, the one on her sword arm reaching nearly to her shoulder, and the other to her elbow. Her greaves and boots protect her legs and shins and also provide a hiding place for a spare dagger. Light chain mail at the backs of her delicate, yet deadly hands and knees tinkle slighlty when she walks. The overall look is one of untouchable, deadly grace. Occasionally, at her whim, she'll wear one of Conor's suits, fashionably rumpled, of course.
Weapons: Her sword, sheathed within easy reach on her back, and her two daggers are all she's ever needed to end a life.
Famous Quote: "Here comes Trouble!"
"You can't win this battle...when I've already won the war."
** Chaos of Vampiric Eternal Thirst **
Amazons of the Crystal Sisterhood
City of the Crystal Moon Dragon
Dark Riders of the (V)ysts
Empire of Odin
Order of the Chaotic Misfits
Order of the Black Rose
Society of the Sapphire Flame

Background: Callisto doesn't know what happened to her father. All she knows is that she never had one except in the strictest biological sense. Her whole life and indeed her very self revolved around her mother and her sister. And then one day, because of the greed and ruthlessness of another, her idyllic existence was irreparably shattered. A warlord rode into Callisto's village, and when she rode out, the soul of the loving, laughing child that Callisto had been was as dead as the corpses of her mother and sister. Trapped in the burning wreckage of their home, they had died, screaming in terror and agony and outside, Callisto could do nothing to help. She would hear their screams in her nightmares every night for the rest of her life. She ran away, one of the few survivors of that raid and devoted the rest of her existence to the single-minded quest for vengeance on the warlord that she became famous for.
It was many years before Callisto surfaced from her self-imposed training. By whatever means were necessary, she garnered knowledge, fighting skills and a growing reputation for ruthlessness and a certain *creativity* from those she met. Seldom did her trainers survive their tutoring of her. She began to gather an army of her own and rampaged across Greece in the name of the warlord that had killed her family. The woman that had killed Callisto's family had since had a change of heart and came out to stop her. In the ensuing fight Callisto was first imprisoned, then after escaping, was killed. But not even Tartarus could hold back her rage and thirst for vengeance. In return for committing a murder for the Queen of the Gods, Callisto was allowed access to the Tree of Life, the fruit of which grants immortality and a certain invulnerability.
Now freed from the daily concerns of staying alive, she renewed her quest for vengeance and succeeded. First she killed the warlord's soul, by killing her best friend and only son, much like the warlord had done for her. Then Callisto finished the job. But it was strangely unsatisfying. Her life was empty now; it had no purpose. She began to wander, killing as the spirit moved her, used to it as she was. In her twisted mind, she believed herself to be doing her victims a favor, releasing them from the pain of life. Callisto herself was only looking for peace, which she believed lay in the oblivion of the grave, now beyond her reach. One night, she stumbled upon the passage to RhyDin.
It seemed the Warrior Queen had finally found her place. She eventually came to believe that it was possible to care and to be cared for once again, but that realization only came after her adoption into the Basilisk Clan under the maternal care of Nomotabe N'Alsia. Nomotabe took pride in Callisto's abilities as a warrior and sought only to calm her, not to change her. With this unconditional acceptance, the heart Callisto had long believed dead began to beat once more. Within the clan, Callisto soon became close to another member of the Basilisk Clan, Orus Cedric McKite, The Jester of Malice, her adopted brother. Of all the Clan, she felt he understood her best, and in his presence, the rage that had consumed her, and was indeed named for (The Rage of Malice) seemed to calm. When Orus' son, Evan Samuel McKite, was born Callisto was shocked and extremely touched when Orus requested her to stand as godmother to the little Angel of Malice. To everyone's surprise, she became more of a mother to Evan than his birth mother, showing him all the affection that had been so abruptly cut out of her own young life. To this day she continues to take immense pride in Evan's accomplishments, gracing him with a display of affection not shown even to her beloved brother, Orus. This affection was also carried over to Evan's younger sister, Aisling (The Devil of Malice). This youngest McKite may be the most dangerous of all, having learned many things about killing on her fearsome Auntie's knee.
Having found herself with a family, a brother closer than twin, and a son she viewed as her own, Callisto thought herself happier than she had ever been, until Evan's soul-brother came back from his travels in RhyDin. Conor Damian Flynn (The Shadow of Malice) had been raised and trained by Orus with Evan. A full-blood vampire, Conor had been sent from his home in Ireland at the age of 5 to train in RhyDin. Callisto knew of him, she knew of everyone Evan had contact with, but when the two boys seperated and began training alone, she ceased to think of him. Conor wandered for a few more years, gaining experience in other realms before returning to what was quickly becoming the Malice Camp or An Falachd Campa. When Callisto saw him again, all grown up, the attraction was immediate. Conor was a match for everything Callisto was. Bloodthirst matched bloodthirst, insanity matched insanity, passion and intensity of personality matched as well. The Shadow seduced the Rage, and soon Callisto came to learn that love was not a trick at all.....
In all her newfound relationships, daughter to mother, sister to brother, mother to son, lover to lover, Callisto still hasn't lost her edge, or her rage. She simply bears the pain of her family's death easier now, but the rage it spawned still simmers just below the surface. heart she is a vicious killer and that is still the role she enjoys playing the most. Be on your gaurd, lest you become her newest plaything....

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