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The Rose of Malice

Name: Belladonna Swiftblade McKite
Age: 21 years...or 210 in Evermeet
Race: Dhamphir (elven/vampire)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green like oak leaves in summer
Hair: Thick, dark red, and falling past her waist
Alignment: She stays completely neutral, taking a deadly interest only when her love or her life is threatened
Family: Although cast out from all Elven territories, she still maintains loyalty and affection toward her birth clan, the Swiftblades, but she will protect with her life all who are kin to her lover, Evan Samuel McKite, better known as the Angel of Malice
Attire: Despite her noble heritage, Belladonna prefers to dress for conveniance, rather than for state these days. She can be recognized in dark boots, black leather pants that lace up the sides, hugging her long slender legs, an emerald green silk shirt that seems to flow around her body and a black leather jacket nearly obscured her fall of unbound red hair. If, by chance, you should see her standing just so in the candlelight, you'll notice the irridescent outline of the Moonbird, symbol of the House of Swiftblade, woven into the silk of her shirt.
Weapons: Every self-respecting Elf or halfling is proficient with the bow and Belladonna is one of the best. Her bow, quiver of arrows, and the small dagger she carries hidden on her peson is emblazoned with the crest of the House of Swiftblade. She's also decent with a sword, but doesn't like to carry one.
Famous Quote: "I will live as I choose, or I will not live at all."
Guilds: The Storms of Dusk
City of the Crystal Moon Dragon
Backround:Belladonna's mother, Lady Myrenatali, was the youngest daughter of Lord Kemanorel Swiftblade. Like her daughter, Myrenatali had a passion for wandering in the woods alone, absorbing the peace of the forest. One moonless night, while making her way back to the Swiftblade Great House, she was attacked and raped by a vampire. The result was Belladonna. Myrenatali was never quite the same again, becoming ever more reclusive as the child grew, drowning her once-voluminous personality in memories of the past, rousing heself into the present only to fight for her young daughter's life. As a half-vampire child, a Dhamphir, the Elders on the High Lord's Council wished to exterminate Belladonna before she became a threat to Elven kind. Belle's life was spared repeatedly, and she grew up relatively happy, feeding on the blood of forest animals.

In an attempt to spare both mother and child, Lord Swiftblade forbade all talk of either the child's conception, or her mixed-parentage. Belle was told by her nurse, and later her governess, that to drink the blood of elves and humans would lead to some horrible fate, and by such means, the innocent trusting child was trained to drink only animal blood. later when she grew older and her Dhamphir strength became apparent, she was taught to hunt her own food. In all other respects, she was raised as befitted her rank as a Lady of the House of Swiftblade. Well-educated in literature, magic and the arts as well as hunting and warcraft, Belle began to fade as a topic of concern the longer she remained a proper lady. Until one day...

A deputation from the Great Lord Dyran came to seek Belle's hand in marriage for a young nephew of the Lord. The nephew himself was only half Elven, but his other half was human. The suit was presented to Belle only a few days after her beloved mother had died, perhaps not the best time to propose marriage to a strong-willed young vampire. Her temper flared and in a rage, she tore out the throat of the Great Lord's emissary and drained white three of his servants. She was finally subdued and kept prisoner in her room while the Council met to decide her fate. Ever the lady, she remained in her prison and sent them a message, declaring her intention to kill every member of the Council if they made a move to execute her. Belle cared, not for her own life, but for Lord Swiftblade who, now an old man made older by the death of Myrenatali, doted upon his only grandchild from his favorite daughter. To see Belle executed would have broken the old man's heart. By now the Council was deeply afraid of this tiger in their midst, made more so by the disappearance of one guard every night from outside Belle's room and the appearance of the bloodless corpse below her tower window every morning.

They finally decided upon exile from all Elven lands, with the penalty of death should she ever dare to return. She left willingly, taking only her favorite mare, her weapons, a necklace of her mother's and a kiss from her grandfather. She wandered for a time, until she found her way into RhyDin, and into the Recruit Grotto of the Storms of Dusk. There she found something altogether new in the arms of one young Dhamphir named Evan Samuel McKite.

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