The Angel of Malice

Name: Evan Samuel McKite
Age: 26
Race: Dhampiri
Height: 6'4
Weight: 205 lbs
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Blonde
Alignment: Dark
Family: The Basilisk Clan, and his father The Jester of Malice
Soul Brother: Conor Damian Flynn, The Shadow of Malice
Attire: A Black Coat Similar to his fathers with the same attire underneath.
Weapons: His Father's old Swing Blade
Famous Quote: "All in time.. Eternity is wonderful like that.."
Special Attack: Death Blossom, Throat Needle.
Special Skills: Is training in the Arts of Telekinesis.
The Storms of Dusk
Backround: Evan Samuel McKite was born twenty-six years ago.. Much of his childhood revolved around his Soul Brother, Conor. ( See "The Shadow of Malice" Page for more info. ). Except for one thing, while he was let loose, so to speak from his father's training he met a young Dhampir named Belle', BellaDonna to those that weren't familiar to her. As of late they have made their vows.. Who knows what will come next?

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