The Shadow of Malice

Name: Conor Damian Flynn
Title: The Shadow of Malice
Age: 26
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Backround: Not Nessacary
Goals: To Protect his Lord and leader, Orus Cedric McKite.
Attire: Always Changing
Weapons: His Claw, and Fangs.
Famous Quote: "I'm sorry.. Did I break your concentration?
Special Abilities: To Almost Blend in with Darkness, But Conor has a unique ability to contact the spirit world.
Guilds: The Storms of Dusk ( Dice Master )
Backround: Conor wasn't always a part of the Realm of RhyDin, he was sent for the sole purpose of being trained. The person he was searching for was Duncan Aidan McKite, the Vampire that was banished to RhyDin for mating with a human girl. Conor soon learned of Duncan's death when he came to the realm at the age of five. After being taken in by many homes he finally found Duncan's son, Orus. Conor was sitting on the edge of a street one night, blood running down his chin and a small blade in his hand. As he sat he saw what could be the exact image of Duncan walking down the street with an Angel. As Orus passed with his wife of the time, Celest, his eyes darted to the lad. Conor slowly cocked his head looking to the stranger. He then lept at Orus, and Orus quickly grabbed him by the throat, knowing somehow that this child had come to him for a reason.

And from that night Conor had dinner with the McKite's the family he had come so far to see and to learn from. There was another boy at the table that night, one that Conor remembered on the street that night. This was Evan, the son of Orus and Celest, and soon to become a soul brother with Conor from the moment their training had started. Conor was given a bed in Evan's room that night, giving him a playmate for the evening; the next morning training began. Conor was made a Swing Blade that evening, that would have been heavy and hard to weild for any normal child.. But for a Vampire, this was like any play toy, deadly and beautiful all at once. He noticed that Evan had a blade similar to his, and when the night came Evan and Conor hunted. The two five-year olds went into the Foresaken Graveyard of RhyDin without Orus' permission, and took on twelve skeleton beasts on their own, using their instincts and powers they were beggining to learn they had.

From that night and many to come Evan and Conor would go looking for a worthy challenge, the two of them were inseperable. At the age of twelve Conor's training with his soul brother became more brutal, letting them forsee challenges that they would have in the future. They saw the true form of Hell that year, coming from their mentat, The Jester of Malice himself. The year had gone by and the two began going through their own forms of what humans and mortals call "puberty", and began to find the female race a very beautiful one. After they would be done training they would go into many of the Taverns of RhyDin looking for suitors.. But that soon ended for a long time.

...Then came the nights of longer and harder training. This continued without rest for the next ten years of his life. At the age of twenty-two he and Evan were sent to train on their owns for the next year. They trained alone for that year only seeing eachother once a month, taking on their enemies and training.. Conor didn't return to Orus' teachings for the next three years after this. When Conor returned "home" to the McKite's he met Orus' Clan Sister, Callisto. This meeting would change his life forever. Conor had done something he had never done before.. have emotions. Who knows what will happen to this twenty-five year old now, has he found his love, his Rage? He believes so.

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