The Storms of Dusk

Welcome to Our Nightmare

A millenia he has waited in the cold, musty depths of the crypt. A millenia to feed the ravening bloodlust that replaces his soul. A millenia to strengthen and channel the power he siphons off of his rage and madness. He is the Jester of Malice and the time of waiting is done...
As shadows chase the fearful sun over the edge of the horizon, a dark figure emerges from the crypt and stands at the apex of a hill. Fists are raised high and the skies grow sullen and black. Flashes of angry blue lightening lights up the landscape and caresses his mighty form, highlighting the cold beauty of his features and the madness in his eyes. A malicious grin twists his lips as he engulfs himself in blue flames and becomes a towering pillar for all to see. He is both the summoner and the sign for those who would follow him...
Eyes of Amber and Red, glowing with hell's own light, peer at him from the darkness and smiles to them in welcome.... "For Behold, the Storms of Dusk have arrived and the world will bow before us......"

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